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All services can be provided in the convenience of your own home, my home office, virtually, outside *weather permitting*, or in a group environment/space.

These are the variety of services Blossoming Babies offers! If you don’t see something that fits your needs, reach out and we can find something that will work best for you and your little one!

Concierge Developmental Support Assessment

Are you concerned about a few things for your baby’s development? Need some troubleshooting support? I can help with things such as tummy time, bonding, fussiness, limited play skills, decreased use of arms and hands, problems with grasping items, decreased mobility, and more. This is the option for you! I will conduct an assessment to see how your little one is doing with their milestones. From there, I will provide recommendations for areas of concern and can provide follow up services as well!


  • 1 hour assessment of your little one
  • Targeted and individualized strategies to work on areas of concern
  • Availability to connect after for 2 weeks via email on troubleshooting recommendations
  • Creation of a follow up plan based on your baby’s needs and your goals

Pre-Natal Consultation

Worried about what’s to come? I can help you prepare for your infant by providing some insight into the unique infant behaviors that occur during the first 3 months of life. I will provide you tips on “learning and reading your infants behavior” and targeted strategies to help your baby. This includes learning the way infants’ express needs and discomfort, how to support regulation, ways to support yourself as a parent. It includes a 20-minute phone follow up after birth to discuss any other concerns now that you’ve met your little one!


  • 1 hour consultation (in person or virtual)- Recommended less than 4 weeks before birth
  • 20-minute follow up conversation 1-2 weeks after birth to check in and answer any additional questions
  • Handouts/resources to utilize
  • Availability to answer questions via email for 2 exchanges both pre/post birth

Post-Natal Consultation

Your little one is here and you have some questions… Here I can help you with meeting your infant’s needs. As an OT and newborn specialist, I can help you to read your infants silent language. Crying is pretty obvious, but did you know that certain movements, facial grimaces, or reactions to their environment can be very helpful in reading into why your infant is reacting a certain way? For example, you may wonder, why is my baby fussy when I put them down, or why does my baby hate swaddling. Or you may find yourself wondering why you can’t calm down your baby consistently or that he or she is fussy at certain times of the day.


  • 1 hour consultation to meet your infant and address your immediate concerns
  • Specialized recommendations tailored to the caregiver and the infants needs
  • The Blossoming Seeds Parent Guide Book: additional resources and handouts for the first 3 months ($25 stand-alone packet)
  • 20-minute follow up phone conversation within 1 week of consultation
  • Email exchanges for 2 weeks post consultation

Lactation Consultations (coming soon)

I can help address issues related to improving milk supply, latching issues, pump troubleshooting, or just overall frustration related to breast feeding. I offer a unique perspective as I work in a hospital environment and am an OT by trade. There are a lot of other factors that can help support breastfeeding with your infant that my OT training can help support.


  • One on One Lactation Consultation in your home with complimentary communication for 2 weeks after session
  • Various bundles of services available based on your needs

Private Infant Massage Classes

Infant Massage is a wonderful way to provide your baby with a multitude of benefits. Infant massage is recommended to start from the age of birth to the first year of life. Once initiated it can continue in other forms for several more years! This class is specialized to you and your infant as I will come into your home and teach you the strokes. I provide demonstration of the massage strokes on a baby doll while you follow along with your infant. Each week new strokes are added and new information is provided about infant development as it relates to massage. Some of benefits include but are not limited to: bonding, positive touch, decrease colic/fussiness, improved sleep, improved feeding, weight gain, infant regulation, and parent empowerment.


  • 2-3 Sessions in your home with direct hands on training
  • Demonstration by myself on a doll of the strokes
  • Adaptations unique to your infant
  • Handouts/Resources Provided
  • Open communication in between classes for any questions or concerns

Group Infant Massage Classes

A group setting for infant massage is a phenomenal way to support your infant but also gain support for yourself as a parent! These classed still provide a personal touch and catering to you and your infants needs, but with an added bonus. Group sessions include group discussion on topics such as development, parent troubleshooting, and benefits of massage. There is an allocated time before class for a mix and mingle as well. Great for mother’s groups, friend groups, walking groups, and more! If you are a business and interested in collaborating as well, this is a great way to support your families!


  • Minimum of 3 people per group- 10 maximum
  • Location can be based on your preference (within Jacksonville Area)
  • 3 Classes either weekly or bi-weekly
  • Handouts/Resources Provided
  • Mix/Mingle prior to session
  • Discussion Time/Troubleshooting after Massage Class
  • 90-minute class

Private Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy (OT) supports daily activities and everyday tasks that are needed throughout the lifespan. When it comes to babies, OT supports development, behavioral organization, sensory processing, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and positive touch. OT supports all the skills babies need to explore the world and learn from it! Some examples of things that OT can address are: delayed milestones in reaching/grasping, grabbing toys, visual attention, sensory processing, emotional regulation, movement skills (within OT scope vs PT scope), and more. If you are concerned about your infant’s development and want to address some of those skills, OT Is a great option! I can come to your home or you can come to my home office. Insurance is not taken at this time; however I will provide invoices that you can submit to insurance.


  • Initial Consultation + 30 minutes treatment and education
  • Tailored plan for your infant
  • 2 week availability to contact me directly for troubleshooting after consultation

Follow up Occupational Therapy Services

Once you are seen for an OT consultation, follow up services may be recommended to help continue to support your infant in reaching their goals. A plan will be established for how often services will be provided based on your infant’s needs. It will be a collaboration between the parents and myself to find a schedule of services that works for everyone.


  • After an initial consultation, these are sessions that will continue to work on the areas/goals we mutually agree on! They typically run about 45 minutes
  • Updated plan of cares are provided
  • In-between communication between sessions are available as needed

Premature/Late Term Infant Support

Pre-term infants have a unique set of needs that stands out differently from term baby development. They have different tolerance for handling, sensory input, and endurance; all to which relates to successful feeding, social interaction, and acquisition of developmental milestones. To help your baby be successful, a combination of knowledge and adaptive handling techniques can help your baby’s maturity as they grow. Reading their infant cues (which are different than term babies), supporting appropriate sensory stimulation for age, and promoting various positions for strength and development are highly beneficial but sorely under-utilized. I can help teach you what is needed for your infant based on their age and give you resources moving forward to promote holistic development.


  • Initial consultation with birth history assessment
  • Customized care plan for parent and baby needs
  • Weekly sensory guidelines for infant per age
  • Follow up sessions if agreed upon billed separately
  • In-between communication between sessions are available as needed

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