Any underlined items are terms that have their own dedicated page to explain more!

Physiological Flexion This is specifically for the newborn period. It is the natural movement a newborn shows of flexion to the middle of their body. It occurs because of the way the infant was positioned in the womb. Almost like a tight ball. It provides a calming effect for the infant.
MidlineThis refers to the middle of the body! It is good for young babies to flex their arms and legs to the middle of their body. This will be a foundation for activities later in their development.
Time OutA technique used to give a baby a break for when you notice that they are stressed out or disorganized. It’s not a disciplinary action! Just a “break” from stimulation.
Containment Hold
A gentle way to help your baby achieve a flexed position to mimic the input a baby would get from the womb and provide a calming effect.
Stress CuesStress cues are ways that your baby shows their stress with their body. Each set of stress cues are unique to each baby.
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