Infant Massage

Infant massage is a tremendous way to bond with your child and support their development, sense of touch, bonding, and attachment. I have been doing infant massage for years within the scope of OT, but recently ventured out to work towards an infant massage certification from I awaiting my official document for Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). This was a comprehensive training that involves learning how to support parents and teaching the strokes of massage, the benefits, and how to adapt to their unique child’s needs.

So why would you hire someone to teach you massage versus try it on your own? What are all these actual so called benefits of massage?

Jump over to my YouTube video to watch what I have to say about infant massage and it’s benefits!!!!

When I am instructing infant massage, I am coaching the parent on the strokes, infant cues, and support. I take the guessing work out of things such as “am I pushing too hard, does my infant likes this, are my strokes the right way?”. I take a back seat and coach you from the side to empower the bond between you and your infant and support you along the way. It will allow you to be more present with your infant by eliminating the guess work.

Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage are endless, I could go on and on and on about it. Here are just a few highlights on the benefits to both baby and caregivers!

Stimulation InteractionReliefRelaxation
Language Development
Improved Learning Ability
Muscular Development
Body Systems (circulatory, digestive, hormonal, immune, lympthatic, nervous, respiratory, vestibular)
Sensory Integration: connections of neurons
Mind and Body Awareness
Verbal/Non Verbal Communication
Pre-Language Communication Skills
Nurturing Touch
Uses of all body senses
Promotion of Bonding
Promotion of Secure Attachment
1:1 Quality Time
Undivided Attention
Early Contact with Parents
Gas and Colic
Constipation and Elimination
GI Cramps
Growing Pains
Muscular Tension
Teething Discomfort
Physical and Psychological Tension
Softening of the Skin
Excess Mucus
Disorganization of Nervous System
Sensitivity to Touch
Improved Sleep Patterns
Increased Coping Mechanisms
Regulation of Behavioral States
Being Quiet and Calm
Improved ability to self-regulate (babies ability to calm oneself)
Normalizing Muscle Tone
Increased Flexibility
Reduction of stress levels and stress hormones
Creation of anti-stress hormones
Lower levels of stress hormones
Higher levels of Dopamine

It is a lengthy list, and there are so so many components of infant massage that you cannot quantify on paper. You just have to experience it to see it!

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