Newborn Development, Play, and More

Blog posts will be placed here to talk about my perspective on play and development for the first year of life! I will provide tips and tricks to giving your infant a variety of play to foster their overall development.

Fundamentals of Play

When it comes to babies and play, the possibilities are absolutely endless. There are so many toys, different varieties, and various purposes. It can be super overwhelming when you are looking for toys. *This page contains affiliate links* Some questions that I often receive are: What are developmentally appropriate toys and what are some toysContinue reading “Fundamentals of Play”

Swaddled Bathing

There is a secret I want to share with you and it is called Swaddled Bathing! I know what you may be thinking…swaddling my baby and bathing them at the same time? Let me promise you, it is such a cool experience for both you and your baby. I was first introduced to swaddled bathingContinue reading “Swaddled Bathing”

Swaddling and Development

As an OT, I am a huge proponent of swaddling for various reasons from the newborn state to ~3 months of age. In my work I love to explain the rationale of swaddling and I would like to share why I think it is important for infant development from the mind of an OT. IContinue reading “Swaddling and Development”

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