Baby Checklist

Welcome to your Baby Checklist

Does your baby have a hard time being put down after cares or being held?
Do you feel like your baby goes from 0-100. For example they are fine and all of a sudden very upset or "shut down".Think about times you are relaxing with them or providing cares
Does your baby enjoy bath time?For infants, think about their overall body language. For older infants they can tell you by their vocalization and body language too!
Does your baby socially interact with you?
Does your infant have trouble going down to sleep?
Does your infant feel "stiff" or "loose" at all?
Do you struggle knowing what activities and interactions you should do with your infant for playing with baby, providing appropriate stimulation, providing cares, and still getting me time?Are all the resources out there a bit overwhelming?
Does your child have a medical history or a history of prematurity?Only answer what you are comfortable with providing at this time.
Is there anything else you would like to address or have concerns about that aren't listed above?

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